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Since 2013

Men’s Transition Collection


  • 1 Tailor-Fitted Suit

    Slim or Modern Fit

  • 1 Tie & 1 Pocket Square
  • 1 Dress Shirt
  • 1 Tailor Made Suit

    Slim or Modern Fit

  • 1 Dress Shirt
  • 1 Tie
  • 1 Pocket Square

Complimentary Services

Simple Ording Process

Multiple Styling Options

Free Shipping

"These guys are the real deal! They helped me look my best and the process was so easy."

"Arod and his team are the best fit for active duty and transitioning members of the military."

"I'm seriously impressed with the level of service and the quality of my new suits! Just wow!"

Our Philosophy

Sales & Refund Policy

Ordering Process

Our Philosophy

The Mission

We give service members a stress-free, tailored experience when selecting their professional attire, no matter their chapter in life. To be excellent, we focus on five services you deserve: fit, fabric, style, color, and price.

The Perfect Fit

Getting the perfect fit is key to a tailor-fitted suit. Your body style determines whether you should purchase a slim or modern fit because, without a great fit, even the finest fabrics look pedestrian. Our proprietary fitting process with no measuring required will delight you with its simplicity.

The Finest Fabrics

We offer the finest wollens, silks, cottons, and high-tech microfibers. You'll look as good as your new clothes feel. 

Sophisticated Style

Fit and style complement one another with our two button-suit jackets. Our pants have a professional flat front with belt loops and side pockets. These modern classics will help you own a room.

Timeless Colors

The essentials to every professional wardrobe are medium grey, dark grey, and navy, as they are softer and more approachable. Determine what color best suits your environment and the collection you want to build.

Competitive Pricing

Our highly competitive all-in-one pricing will leave you satisfied—no gimmicks, upcharges, or hidden fees to get the suit you deserve. Order your suit collection today.

Sales & Refund Policy

Sales Policy

All sales are final. All purchases are paid upfront with a delivery of 21 working days or less. Our prices include Tax, Shipping, and Handling.

Transition Ready Collection and Executive Collection do not include hemming (shortening of the pants). We are not responsible for any additional tailoring i.e. Sleeves, Taper on jackets or slacks, or any customization.

Tailoring is only included with Premium Collections.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our tailor-made suits, we are unable to offer refunds, but we guarantee your fit through our 30-day exchange policy. If your suit arrives and does not fit your waist (pants), Chest (jackets), or neck and sleeve length (Shirts) you can exchange your suit, free of charge.

Please Note: all pants come unhemmed to ensure speed of shipment and accuracy. Please contact your local tailor for hemming. It should cost between $15 and $30 per piece on average.